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Crypto Press Release is a powerful tool for every ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Launch, Token Sale, forex trading, Token Generation Event and other crypto campaigns. We create press releases and promote them for a better exposure of your next big project to the crypto investors and media. Our service can help you save your time by not having to spend hours looking for journalists who would be interested in hearing about your offer for off page seo.

Press release is an indispensable tool used by entrepreneurs during their crowdfunding campaigns. Writing an excellent press release is no small feat – it requires considerable skill in both public speaking as well as writing skills. Know site detail.

1. What’s a Press Release?

Press release is a short, concise text with catchy headlines and details about your business or ICO project for token marketing. It describes a project, company, or event. The best and most compelling press releases are written with the sole intention of media attention.

Press releases are distributed via news agencies to journalists who write for mass media publications and websites such as newspapers, magazines and blogs. The objective of this kind of PR is to get your story in front of as many people as possible across different media channels – TV, radio, online news sites etc., which results in increased exposure for your brand/project/company.

2. Why write a Press Release?

There are many reasons why you should think about writing a press release. The first and the most important reason is your exposure . With press releases, you get to tell your story to multiple media channels, thereby increasing your brand reach. In addition, you also get this exposure for free!

An effective press release helps in publicizing your ICO launch campaign and it’s one of the best ways to showcase your project. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to build credibility for your business and establish trust among the investors.

Besides, it’s also an excellent way of announcing something new or interesting about your company or project. This type of marketing helps in increasing brand awareness and generates more customers.

A press release is a very effective way of promoting your business. It’s also a great way to get more visibility and contacts for your business.

Press releases help in getting your business name out there, thus generating new customers and clients. In addition, it should also be noted that a press release is an excellent opportunity for you to tell the world about your business.

3. When Should You Write a Press Release?

You should consult your company’s lawyer, accountant and PR agency before writing any press release. This helps in making sure that your press release conforms to all legal and tax regulations.

It’s important to know what the industry standard of how often you should write a press release is – this depends on your business and the sector you are in.

4. What to Include in an ICO Press Release?

A good press release must be short, concise and contain all the necessary information about your company/project/offer etc.

For your information, you might be required to follow the format of a standard business press release. This generally contains the following elements:

• Brief introduction about your company or project (i.e Product Name & Description)

• Your ICO details such as date and time/duration of ICO

• Main benefits of your product/service

• Description of how big is your community

• Details about how much funds you raised during ICO period

• Why should people use or invest in your Blockchain project? (This can also be a benefit statement)

5. How to Write a Good Press Release?

A good press release should include all the essential details about your business and should ideally contain about 100 words or less. It should also include links to your website, social media pages and other relevant websites.

6. How Often Should You Write a Press Release?

You can write a press release about anything new or interesting about your business. If it has something to do with your company, then you can write a press release about it. It could be about:

• A new product or service that you are launching

• An award that you won recently

• A new high profile customer who is using your service/product etc.

If it’s just an update, then it can be posted on your company blog or on the social media platform of your choice and should not be considered as a separate entity (i.e. an ICO press release).

7. How Much Should You Charge for a Press Release?

The price of a press release depends on the type of media that you choose to distribute it through and the distribution channels used, however pricing depends on your company and all the services that you can offer.

Don’t try to undervalue your service, this will make you lose potential business with clients because they will not purchase your services if they feel that your prices are too low.

8. What are Some Must-Have Elements for a Good Press Release?

A good press release includes quality content with enticing headlines as well as well-written body copy in which you can effortlessly share your business information to interested media outlets.

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