Current News. What is the most up to date news on the world wide web? You can find it here. Stay up to date with what’s happening in the world with one of your favorite social networks! They post a lot of links that are there for you to read about and follow as well as share. Just go and check out what we have for you today!

-Water, water everywhere: there are now more people without access to safe drinking water than without access to electricity or roads. 

-After taking a break from the news for a week, I am back and have found something really cool for you guys today. It happens to be about a new voice assistant that was released for android phones by Amazon! 

-So, wait. What is this new thing? It’s called “Alexa” and I’m pretty sure you heard about it countless times on the news. Just google it to find out what she does and how she’s able to do it.

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