How Should You Choose Your Delta 9 Edibles And Other Consumables

Delta 9 THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol is a familiar cannabinoid with a long history; however, it’s relatively new as the primary ingredient in a product deemed federally legal on the market for sale to consumers, albeit with stipulations. 

It needs to be derived from hemp, a variance of the cannabis plant, and it needs to remain at or below 0.3% (dry weight.)

It’s essential to research a reputed, well-established company like HiFi Farms, with whom you can ensure products like the edibles will meet the legal guidelines. With a quality company, gummies and other consumables will undergo independent lab testing, with results published on the business website. 

These results will reveal each ingredient, indicate the ratio of these, including THC, and confirm no contaminants in the mix.

Without taking these precautions, it’s possible to purchase products that derive from marijuana instead of hemp, have THC levels exceeding the legal limit, or have harmful contaminants that cause adverse reactions. 

While some states have made medicinal marijuana (and even a few have made recreational marijuana) legal, it is still considered a Schedule I illegal drug under federal guidelines, as are any derivatives of the cannabis variance, including delta 9 THC. 

Some companies are selling delta 9 that doesn’t meet legal guidelines making it critical to look at what you buy but educate on your local laws. Also, it would be best if you were mindful that laws change in a flash, so you don’t want to be caught not paying close attention.

How Should You Choose Your Delta 9 Edible And Other Consumables

Delta 9 THC products are relatively new on the market. That’s not to say that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a new discovery. The cannabinoid has a long-standing history plus a reputation that follows it. 

It’s more commonly associated as the intoxicant that creates the intense euphoria when consuming marijuana. Go to to learn about delta 9 THC.

But in the current landscape, it’s being touted in a more therapeutic context if certain stipulations are abided by. The products manufactured need to be hemp-based, with the THC derived from the hemp and the ratio being no greater than 0.3% (dry weight.) 

If any of that “equation” steps outside the language of the 2018 Farm Bill, the product will deem federally illegal. That means the THC cannot derive from marijuana and cannot exceed 0.3% (dry weight.) 

Some states have made marijuana legal for medicinal and recreational purposes, but we’re speaking based on federal guidelines. 

Whether your state deems delta 9 derived from cannabis or the products that exceed the federally legal limit acceptable is something you need to research thoroughly before committing to a purchase. 

The best way to choose an edible or another consumable without fear of any consequence is to research knowledgeable, well-qualified companies to purchase your products to ensure the highest quality and that they meet federal guidelines.

Businesses like these will derive their delta 9 from hemp and limit the THC to a level of 0.3% (dry weight.) 

These companies will further confirm for their consumers that the guidelines have been met because they will publish a Certificate of Analysis from an independent lab showing the ingredients in each product, the ratio for each, and verify there are no contaminants.

How Will You Recognize A Quality Delta 9 Company

When researching for a company to purchase Delta 9 edibles, tinctures, and other products, the ideal is to ensure they engage in only the highest standards with their business practices. You can tell immediately if a manufacturer is of subpar quality.

In many cases, these companies will make outlandish and false claims about the products to increase sales. They generally won’t put in the time and effort to ensure the quality of their edibles or other consumables, with no independent lab testing offered for publication. 

And often, these places will sell their wares and unreasonably low prices to get the most customers and can do so because they don’t have quality ingredients. Some of them don’t have any of the cannabinoids they claim to and are mislabeled. Open for details on mislabeled delta 9 THC edibles.

Will Consuming Delta 9 THC Cause A Failed Drug Test

Whether marijuana has been legalized in a state for medicinal or recreational purposes has no bearing on what occurs within a business organization. If companies have a zero-tolerance rule, including THC, and test their employees for these substances, you will likely fail the drug test.

With that said, there are variances with drug screenings as far as the “specific nanograms,” making it difficult to surmise with certainty for tests as a whole. The ideal scenario will be to forego THC altogether if you work with a business with zero tolerance and perform regular and random testing.

Final Thought

The takeaway when considering how you should choose delta 9 consumables is, first and foremost, to look for what is, for the moment, considered federally legal and of a high quality. 

To find these products, you will need to find the most reputable and established company that only practices with the highest standards and the consumer’s best interest as a priority. 

One good way to recognize one of these businesses is through the Certificate of Analysis published on their website from the independent lab that tests their products. These essentially give you all the information you need.

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