happy new years 2015 images

The last time this blog was updated, we were celebrating our friends and family in 2015. We had a great time, and thanks for all the great memories.

As we are all old and have nothing better to do with our time, we decided to take a break from the usual year-end blog posts and instead share a few images that we took along with our last year.

Another story of the year is that we all have our “favorite” images. You guys will all be able to view the slideshow right now.

The year was not a bad one for us. We traveled around the world and got to meet some awesome new people, while we continued the growth of the Fandomverse and continued to get to know many of our favorite people.

At the end of the year, we decided to share some of the pictures we took. So here goes.

This year was not a bad one, but there was still one thing that was a little less than perfect. We had so many people in our group that I don’t think we could have done it without all the amazing people we met along the way. I’m sure you guys have your own list of favorites.

We ended up having a very fun group of friends. The more I saw of them, the more I thought about what was going on. There were a few of us who were super into the game, but I’m sure we all went back and forth between the two, and it was like we were just in the middle of a group of people who were going through a similar process.

In the end, the best thing to do is to remember the best of others. I think that is a lesson we should all take to heart right now.

The good news is we all look forward to our own new year. The bad news is that the last couple of years have been pretty depressing. I don’t know what 2015 will bring, but I’m hoping it will be better.

The good news is that some of us are looking forward to our new year. The bad news is that we all have to plan ahead to be better. The good news is that there are many people who are ready to take their time. It is not uncommon to find a person who is ready to take their time. A few years ago someone had to take a drive back to the airport to go to the airport to get an airport ticket, and that was it.

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