penalty for late payment of income tax india

Here in India, the income tax penalty for late payment of income tax depends on the amount you owe, rather than the number of days you have to wait before you can pay the tax bill.

The penalty is usually around Rs.1000, which is a whopping amount of money for a small business. But if you go to the website of a tax collection agency, you can find out what number they use for the tax service fee. The fee they charge is based on the number of days you are liable to pay the tax, and the amount you owe.

Although it’s likely that you would have to pay at least Rs.1000, you can also use the website of the government’s Income Tax Department to find out the exact number. If you can get the number (and you know you’re not going to owe a lot of money) you can then use this number to apply for an online bank account. Once this happens, the tax department will transfer your money to the bank account you’ve set up.

Paying this tax is not only expensive, but it is also very problematic. If you’re paying a lot of money for your birthday, then you’re giving away all your birthday cards. Or you can put them on a personal account and pay an extra amount. In this case, the extra amount was to be refunded. If you are paying for a birthday present, then you’re giving away all your birthday cards. For this to work, you need to pay a hefty fee.

In the case of tax payer, if the money you get is not from your own taxes, then it is a tax that is paid by your employer. This is important because it means that the money you receive is taxable and the money you spend is not.

A birthday card can be a bit expensive to get. It is, in fact, a great way to pay off your bank balance. You can then use it to pay for the birthday card by paying a little bit less. But you can still pay by paying a little bit more. You just need to pay the bill quickly.

Now, I know that this sounds like a great deal for birthday cards, but the truth is that birthday cards are a bit hit-and-miss, so you may end up sending the wrong amount. But the good news is that you don’t have to, because you have the option of sending your check by bank transfer. It has a convenient fee attached, but it is very easy to do and it is also tax deductible.

The problem is that you dont actually have to send a check by this method because there is no charge for a bank transfer. You can send a check by bank transfer even if you are paying by card (which has its own fee).

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The problem is that if you have to pay the IRS by cash and don’t have enough money to pay by credit card or bank transfer, you may be forced to pay late. It is very important to note that this article was written in the year 2001. So if you are still paying the government by check, make sure you are paying on the due date.

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