kitani mohabbat hai

Kitani is a word that is used to describe all of the different things that are put on the menu at my house. Kitani is the food that is served during a party and to the guests. The word is made up of “kit” and “ani”. Kit is the meal that is prepared and served, and “ani” is the dish that is prepared and served.

The word comes from the word ‘kit’, which is the part of a meal that is eaten by the host and guests. The word is usually used in reference to food that is prepared by a host at a wedding or some other event. The word can also be used to describe food that is cooked and served to guests.

It’s not a word that we often hear in the United States, but in India, it’s considered a very important word that is used in reference to preparing food for guests. In fact, the word is used to describe the food that is served to guests.

In India, the word kitani is used to describe dishes that are cooked for guests, but the dishes are served to them cold. In fact, a dish consisting of a cooked meal served to guests is called a kitaan.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to use the word kitani for the dishes that are served to guests. The word kitani is used in the same way that the word “kitchen sink” is used to describe dishes prepared for guests. The kitchen sink is a term used to describe a dish that is always hot and always boiling.

In other words, a dish that is always hot and always boiling.

Kitani is also used to describe a dish that is cooked without a lid. So it means that a dish that is cooked without any kind of lid.

So, a kitchen sink is one of the most important things that a party is supposed to do, and it can help to give guests more control over the food they are serving.

Here’s an even easier way to explain why a kitchen sink is important. It’s because it can always be hot, and it can be boiling. It’s not only for the guest’s benefit, it’s also for yours. It keeps your food warm and your guests warm. Also, a kitchen sink can be used for cleaning.

Kitani mohabbat hai is a dish that is a combination of both meat and vegetables. It can be made without a lid, but you can make it without a lid without any knowledge of what the dish is. Its a dish that is a mixture of meat and vegetables. This is due to the fact that food cooked without a lid is very easy to overcook, and you can easily get a lot of food on it.

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